This is a fork from GPSBabel which integrates a patch made in September of 2005 adding input and output support for waypoints, tracks and routes in the binary file format of GPS TrackMaker.

The purpose of this fork is to make the support available for those who were asking for it, and to test it while it's not integrated into the upstream project.

/!\ These changes were already integrated in the upstream project, meaning that this fork is officially dead.


Please, check the gpsbabel site and documentation.

As a simple example, to convert a GTM file into a GPX file, do something like:

gpsbabel -i gtm -f myfile.gtm -o gpx -F myfile.gpx

To convert a GPX file into a GTM file, it's just a matter of doing the opposite:

gpsbabel -i gpx -f myfile.gpx -o gtm -F myfile.gtm



The patch was made by Gustavo Niemeyer <>

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